About Tech-Trends Ltd

Tech-trends Ltd has been quietly successful in supporting clients requirements for technical support since 2002.

We offer a wide range of technical services and are especially interested in helping small businesses adopt the latest types of on-line ICT (Information and Computer Technology) that they may consider to be just out of reach or too complex to risk without additional support. We have developed particular expertise with the Drupal CMS (Content Management System) which is used to build feature rich websites, where content may be easily edited by non expert users. Tech-Trends is proud to be a member of the Drupal Association and to be a contributor to this important software project.

Tech-Trends operates under strict ethical, privacy and legal policies so please explore this site with confidence. We encourage you to ask us questions, which we welcome by email, phone or through comment section at the foot of selected pages. 

Also at the foot of many pages you will find tags that provide links to other related pages.

Website hosting

Drupal logo

Are you a small or micro business looking for your first website? Then ask us about our website design and hosting service especially for small and micro businesses. We provide many features as standard, and best of all, you can edit your content without the need for special software.

We have recently set up a website design and hosting service especially for small and micro businesses that offers the enterprise grade performance and features of Drupal in a highly affordable package.  Our server is rented from Totalwebsolutions, an established high quality service provider.

Currently we can offer the following features for sites hosted by us:

  • Edit and create your own content through a simple web interface. No software needed on your computer, just an internet connection and a web browser.
  • Your own domain name eg www.mybusiness.co.uk.  We can use your existing domain name too.
  • We set up SSL as standard for no extra charge. See the https:// and the green lock in the browser bar. If you do not have this you will not get good search engine perfomance.
  • Personalised emails.  We set up your email using the free or commercial Google servers. You get myname@mybusiness.co.uk plus access to your email, contacts and calendar from any web enabled computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We have seen too many people lose their valuable electronic information due hardware failure or theft and recommend this as a highly reliable method.
  • Registration with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools (plus automated site maps) to ensure good search engine performance.

Other optional features your business may need including:

  • Blog.
  • Online shop.
  • Online contact forms.
  • Premium content only available to your registered users.
  • Room booking for B&B's.
  • Plus many other features

Have a look at some of our customers sites.

How much does it cost? Set-up costs for a small business are £600.00 and monthly hosting charges £20.00 including the initial design. We include all the extras above plus many more in this price. The only additional charges are for  your domain name, which are around £15 p.a.

Why are you so much cheaper than other similar companies? Because we have set up our own server and optimised it for this service we have been able to minimise our costs. Many of our competitors use a more general purpose approach that works out far more expensive to maintain, hence their need to charge more.  If you outgrow our service then migration to a "bigger" server is easy, but why pay for something you do not need yet?

If you are a webmaster looking for Drupal hosting then ask about our Web Master service. You manage the content and your client, we make sure the installation is kept up to date and runs without errors or hassle to you.



Looking for Information about the Info-Point product we have designed for Webnebulus? Then head on over to the dedicated website at www.info-point.eu where you will find all the latest information incuding price lists, user manuals and help videos.

LED Moth Trap

How to build your own moth trap cover

The design of a low cost LED moth trap started as a hobby project but caused so much interest that we published a book on how to build one.

The trap has been designed so it may be made using hobby level skills using components that may be purchased from a mix of on-line and local suppliers.

Latest Tech-Notes


HTML5 now provides interesting ways to determine your location.
This opens the door to some novel website customisation. For example, it is possible to display content based upon the visitor location, perhaps to offer local phone numbers, or to display restaurants in close proximity to the user.


Mi Mug

Mi Mug
Capital Inventions Silver Award

Mi Mug is a frivolous use of user customisable QR Codes. The mug’s owner "grabs" the mug and associates it with their free Google account. They may then program the QR-Code to go to any web page or display a simple message and image. The message or destination can be changed as often as the owner wants. (A QR code reader and an internet connection is needed to read the code).


Website Rescue

Website rescue

A problem is that many people have access to someone who will “set up your website” for a nominal fee because they are thinking of running their own business as a “web designer”. Some of these people while be highly talented and you will get a bargain. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and you will get a site that does not perform to your expectations. At some point your budding web designer will admit defeat, or you loose confidence in them and decide to seek help.


Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly

Many websites are not at all friendly for visitors using mobile devices or tablet computers. The current craze for QR codes reveals that many website owners are being very lazy in this regard: when the QR code is scanned using a smartphone your are nearly always taken to an mobile unfriendly landing page. This tech-note describes the approach we chose when updating the Tech-Trends website to make it more mobile friendly.