A good reason to work with Tech-Trends?

We make no attempt to hide the fact that Tech-Trends is a small English registered limited company employing only the two directors. You can find that out easily enough at companies house , so why pretend otherwise. If you chose to work with a small business like us you may well have some reasonable concerns about continuity of service and support, especially if you want to work on a project that is critical to your business delivery. If you are thinking of working with us and would like to understand how we address such concerns, then read on.

We work to a strict ethical policy which we really do believe in, and ensure that we give you the best possible service, even when that means a less valuable contract for ourselves. We work hard to ensure that you are not locked into any account or service that is unique to ourselves. Wherever possible we avoid the use of proprietary solutions that lock you into particular vendor. When we do recommend and set up vendor specific relationships such as ISPs for your website, we make sure that it is in your name and that you have all the passwords necessary to manage that service so if you do need to get help from another technical provider, all the information is readily to hand.

Where software solutions are required we look first towards Open Source solutions that are well supported on Windows, Macs and Linux computers, and we always provide copies of master documents in widely supported formats. Where we build solutions based on open source code we acknowledge the various licences and typically post source code in online public repositories such as github. You will therefore always have access to the latest version of our software and a full record of its development.

When more complex websites and services are required, we typically build a virtual server to host the prototype solution and provide you with a hard copy on a DVD of the system at the time of delivery. This will enable a technically competent third party to replicate our work quickly, should the need arise. However, they will need full access to your production server using the usernames and passwords we will have also provided, to completely replicate your current website or service.

When we produce artworks and reports we always provide you with copies of master documents in widely supported formats that can be accessed on Windows, Macs and Linux computers. Wherever appropriate we assign copyright of any content to you, and will draw your attention to any other licences that may apply. For example we acknowledge the creative talent of the graphic designers and photographers who produce so much of the imagery that decorate printed and online documents and ensure that any fees are paid and licence conditions are met.

Our goal is to ensure that you should always be confident that you will never be disadvantaged in any way by working with us, nor will you ever feel locked into a solution that is not optimal. We are confident that by taking all the steps above, you will always keep control over your technical assets.