A good reason to work with Tech-Trends?

We make no attempt to hide the fact that Tech-Trends is a small English registered limited company employing only the two directors. You can find that out easily enough at companies house , so why pretend otherwise. If you chose to work with a small business like us you may well have some reasonable concerns about continuity of service and support, especially if you want to work on a project that is critical to your business delivery. If you are thinking of working with us and would like to understand how we address such concerns, then read on.

Can Technology Roadmapping help my company?

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Yes, despite all the hype, technology roadmapping is a very useful process for almost any company as it drives a review that will inform strategic thinking. This is not just puff and big words, it is trying to say that process of formally thinking about strategy, is always useful.

The first stage in defining technical strategy is deciding who will be the user. Will the strategy be used for a small internal group, driving company wide strategy or lobbying government? The style of output will clearly be linked to the final usage.  

Is computer up-cycling green?

The intuitive answer is yes as it enables a computer that would otherwise have been thrown away to continue to have a useful life. However, don't expect it to be able to play the latest 3D games. If you want to browse the web safely, or use it for "Office" type work then up-cycling is a really good option for you

What is a good consultation process?

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The first stage in defining technical strategy is deciding who will be the user. The second will is consulting expert opinion. This consultation may take the form of interviews, workshops desk-based research, or a combination of all three. In addition it may also involve internal and external experts, as well as the opinions of end users and customers. Whatever the output document, be it a presentation, or a report, it will needs to be founded in the information collected, if it is to be an authoritative guide to strategy.

Why should I update my website?

In the mid 1990's websites and surfing were just coming into the popular mind. The forerunner to Tech-Trends, ITB was selling businesses the idea of presenting their goods and services on-line. Today every business accepts the need for a website, but too many businesses put up with website that can only be seen on a desktop computer using Microsoft Internet Explorer. The trouble is that visitors expect to see far more content, they want it up to date, and they want to use their tablet PC or smart-phone to view it.