Website hosting

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Are you a small or micro business looking for your first website? Then ask us about our website design and hosting service especially for small and micro businesses. We provide many features as standard, and best of all, you can edit your content without the need for special software.

Computer Up-cycling

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Desktop computers and Laptops are often replaced when they are perceived as too slow for the latest software. This may well be true for gaming enthusiasts and professionals trying to get peak performance out of their hardware and software. For the rest of us, up-cycling the computer by replacing the operating system is an option well worth considering.

Custom Web Apps

In the early days of Personal Computers (yes I was there in those heady computer crash ridden days) if there was a number crunching task that needed doing regularly it was commonplace to write a computer program to make the job easy and give a reasonably nice printed output.

If you lacked the computer skills to write it yourself then you got someone else to do it for you. Looking back writing such programs was an interesting sideline to the day day job. Then spreadsheets became available and the market disappeared. Or did it?

Open Source

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Many people find it hard to believe that Open Source software can be as good (or even better) than proprietary offerings. Well, whatever you have heard to the contrary, it's true, there is a lot of very good software out there and it is very compatible with nearly everything that you are currently using.

Technical Printing

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The graphic artist can create stunning visual media, but what if you want to combine imagery with custom content so every page is unique? For example, what if you want to create everlasting membership cards or business cards, each with a custom QR-code that points to the members details?

Technology Roadmapping

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What is a "technology roadmap?"

Technology Roadmaps has become a rather overworked term. Too often documents that claim to be "Technology Roadmaps" are really the opinions of a few authors lobbying for a particular approach and are much narrower in viewpoint than they claim, so such documents should be named for what they are: White paper; lobbying document etc. It may be that the authors of such documents are truly visionary, so their views should not be rejected out of hand. But they should be tested, and a perhaps a technology trends analysis used to give a insight into likely time scales and capabilities for certain types of claim, if such analysis has not already been included.

Web Master Service

Are you a Web Master and want to set up Drupal sites for your clients but are worried about keeping the installation secure and up to date?  Then consider using Tech-Trends as your hosting service. We do the technical management and updates leaving you to concentrate on your clients requirements.

Website Re-building

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A good business website is no-longer a set of static pages maintained by a specialist on your behalf. The modern website is an up-to-date source of information, case studies and contact details and may even be a fully functional shop. Content is managed by you, the user, using a web browser. You may even do basic editing from your smartphone!

Website Survey

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If you are unhappy with your current website, the first step to sorting it out has to be a thorough understanding of your business needs in-conjunction with a an equally thorough review of your site.