Custom Web Apps

In the early days of Personal Computers (yes I was there in those heady computer crash ridden days) if there was a number crunching task that needed doing regularly it was commonplace to write a computer program to make the job easy and give a reasonably nice printed output.

If you lacked the computer skills to write it yourself then you got someone else to do it for you. Looking back writing such programs was an interesting sideline to the day day job. Then spreadsheets became available and the market disappeared. Or did it?

A try the search term “most spreadsheets have errors” and you will quickly get the idea that DIY spreadsheets are full of errors. It’s actually a bit worse than that when you check the underlying accuracy of some spreadsheet functions and find that even if you have not made a design error, the answer may not be as accurate as you expect. Try searching for “statistical errors in spreadsheets” to see what I mean. Of course this is not to say that spreadsheets are no use, just that you have to check that the results are accurate enough for your needs.

These days if someone needs a small dedicated program there are a number of way to write one. Web based solutions have a number of distinct advantages:

  • They can be crafted to run on almost any hardware (PC Tablet or Smartphone)
  • They can run though almost any web browser
  • Updates are made easy because only one central version exists
  • There is no need for any local software to be installed

The only major disadvantage is that they need a working network connection to run .

A couple of examples authored by us are q-action and the DRL calculator.

If you have a specific need for a custom application, then why not drop us a line to see if we can help?