Technical Printing

Business cards with qr-codes


Modern digital printing has opened up the world of quality printed media to everyone. As long as you have the ability to create the master, the chances are your local printer can do an excellent job of printing it. The challenge is to create the digital master.

The graphic artist can create stunning visual media, but what if you want to combine imagery with custom content so every page is unique? For example, what if you want to create everlasting membership cards or business cards, each with a custom QR-code that points to the members details (see: Q-Action ).

At Tech-Trends, because we write our own custom software scripts, we have developed the capability to dynamically combine images and text to produce printer ready artworks directly from a master database, so we are easily able to produce masters for things such as membership cards where each card is unique. And because we write our scripts, we keep costs to a minimum, while maximising versatility.

We are happy to design and produce masters for you to use yourself, or to arrange for the printing and dispatch. Please contact us for a quote.