Technology Roadmapping

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What is a "technology roadmap?"

  • Technology Roadmapping is a process by which the timescale for future technologies and capabilities may be presented in a diagrammatic or tabular format to describe a future vision.
  • When read in conjunction with the requirements of a particular organisation, the roadmap helps to identify technologies and capabilities that are critical to realising a future vision.


Technology Roadmaps has become a rather overworked term.  Too often documents that claim to be "Technology Roadmaps" are really the opinions of a few authors lobbying for a particular approach and are much narrower in viewpoint than they claim, so such documents should be named for what they are: White paper; lobbying document etc.  It may be that the authors of such documents are truly visionary, so their views should not be rejected out of hand.  But they should be tested, and a perhaps a technology trends analysis used to give a insight into likely time scales and capabilities for certain types of claim, if such analysis has not already been included.

The type of technology roadmap supported by Tech-Trends is always underpinned by consultation and research. The entry Technology Roadmap at wikipedia may also be of interest to you.  There is also an active group on LinkedIn called the Visual Strategy Network which is an on-line meeting point for people interested in technology roadmapping and related visual techniques.