Web Master Service

Are you a Web Master and want to set up Drupal sites for your clients but are worried about keeping the installation secure and up to date?  Then consider using Tech-Trends as your hosting service. We do the technical management and updates leaving you to concentrate on your clients requirements.

Have you read that multi-site installations are a nightmare to maintain?  Don't believe it.  We have optimised our VPS for Drupal hosting and developed our own system of automated scripts for managing large numbers of sites efficiently.  We test all updates on our local mirror server before committing them to the production server.

Do you have an existing site you want to migrate to our server? Yes, we know how to do this efficiently too.

How does it work? We will give you extensive administrative control of your site with the exception of module installation and some configuration settings as we need to ensure these are carefully managed. You build the site and work with your client and we will make sure the "back-end" works as it should.

Do you need a pre-production test server? No problem. We can set the server with a temporary alias.

Do I need to change my Domain provider?  If you want to keep all your existing settings except web hosting, then probably not. However, not all Domain providers allow you full access to your records, and some add "silly" charges for simple changes. It may be simpler and cheaper to pass control to us.

Can you turn a design sketch into a Drupal website? Yes, and we do all the CSS, jQuery and PHP coding too. Although coding is fun, it is time consuming so it is chargeable. Talk to us about your requirements.

What about email servers? We recommend that the Google servers are used (Google may charge for this).  The reliability of the service is excellent and it is easy to set up for mobile devices. IMAP is always the first choice, but users with poor network connectivity will find the the POP service helpful.  This approach also stops our servers grinding to a halt with old emails that nobody deletes!

How much does it cost? Costs start from as little as £20 per month for hosting, plus any one off set up fees. We expect clients to be responsible for their domain name fees.