Website Re-building

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A good business website is no-longer a set of static pages maintained by a specialist on your behalf.  The modern website is an up-to-date source of information, case studies and contact details and may even be a fully functional shop.  Content is managed by you, the owner, using a web browser.  You may even do basic editing from your smartphone! In addition you may invite visitors to your site to make comments, or even support a discussion group.

The process of designing your website is now split into three separate tasks:

  • The structure of your website.  This is quite technical, but if done well, most of the menus can be made to sort themselves out automatically as the content is created;
  • The design of the theme.  The theme is controls the look and feel of your website and is very much a matter for personal taste.  There are guidelines that should be followed to ensure the site is accessible to everyone;
  • Adding content.  For those of us that are involved in creating websites this is often the most difficult part of the task for us, although it is the easiest part for you, the owner of the site.

Updating your website to the latest technology need not be a scary and expensive proposition.  If you have built up a good reputation with your current site, then care should be taken to ensure that external links to your website are not broken.  Ignoring this rather obvious matter can have catastrophic impact on the number of visitors to your site!