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Mobile friendly

Many websites are not at all friendly for visitors using mobile devices or tablet computers. The current craze for QR codes reveals that many website owners are being very lazy in this regard: when the QR code is scanned using a smartphone your are nearly always taken to an mobile unfriendly landing page. This tech-note describes the approach we chose when updating the Tech-Trends website to make it more mobile friendly.


Availability of Mobile Phone Boosters

Google Trends in mobile booster searches

Poor mobile phone coverage is often a problem to; users in rural locations due to distance from base stations, in built up areas due to building obstructing line of sight to base stations, and inside buildings due to the opacity of walls and windows to radio-waves. A the number of mobile phone users has gone up and in some areas reached 100% market penetration. The number of Google queries relating to signal boosters has followed a similar trends as users have sought an answer to the problem of poor reception.


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