Technology Roadmapping

Technology Roadmapping is a process that can be used to help build a technical strategy.  There are many ways of doing technology roadmaps and the best method will depend upon the required outcome.  Tech-Trends has experience in a range of techniques including the development of collaborative processes for workshop environments and on-line collection of information.

Can Technology Roadmapping help my company?

Competitive position with respect to surface treatment

Yes, despite all the hype, technology roadmapping is a very useful process for almost any company as it drives a review that will inform strategic thinking. This is not just puff and big words, it is trying to say that process of formally thinking about strategy, is always useful.

The first stage in defining technical strategy is deciding who will be the user. Will the strategy be used for a small internal group, driving company wide strategy or lobbying government? The style of output will clearly be linked to the final usage.  

What is a good consultation process?

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The first stage in defining technical strategy is deciding who will be the user. The second will is consulting expert opinion. This consultation may take the form of interviews, workshops desk-based research, or a combination of all three. In addition it may also involve internal and external experts, as well as the opinions of end users and customers. Whatever the output document, be it a presentation, or a report, it will needs to be founded in the information collected, if it is to be an authoritative guide to strategy.

Availability of Mobile Phone Boosters

Google Trends in mobile booster searches

Poor mobile phone coverage is often a problem to; users in rural locations due to distance from base stations, in built up areas due to building obstructing line of sight to base stations, and inside buildings due to the opacity of walls and windows to radio-waves. A the number of mobile phone users has gone up and in some areas reached 100% market penetration. The number of Google queries relating to signal boosters has followed a similar trends as users have sought an answer to the problem of poor reception.


Technology Roadmapping

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What is a "technology roadmap?"

Technology Roadmaps has become a rather overworked term. Too often documents that claim to be "Technology Roadmaps" are really the opinions of a few authors lobbying for a particular approach and are much narrower in viewpoint than they claim, so such documents should be named for what they are: White paper; lobbying document etc. It may be that the authors of such documents are truly visionary, so their views should not be rejected out of hand. But they should be tested, and a perhaps a technology trends analysis used to give a insight into likely time scales and capabilities for certain types of claim, if such analysis has not already been included.

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