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Mi Mug

Mi Mug
Capital Inventions Silver Award

Mi Mug is a frivolous use of user customisable QR Codes. The mug’s owner "grabs" the mug and associates it with their free Google account. They may then program the QR-Code to go to any web page or display a simple message and image. The message or destination can be changed as often as the owner wants. (A QR code reader and an internet connection is needed to read the code).


The Google App Engine

Google App Engine Trademark

The Google App Engine (often referred to as GAE) is a really good low cost method to run web apps. Currently the google policy is to allow a generous low usage for free, only charging once usage has exceeded well defined thresholds.

Apps can be developed in several languages, but we favour developing apps in Python due to the availability of excellent documentation. However, it probably would not be hard to use exactly the same argument in favour of Java so really it is matter of personal preference. The Google datastore is a useful storage facility and a range of APIs are available to links to other Google services.


Custom Web Apps

In the early days of Personal Computers (yes I was there in those heady computer crash ridden days) if there was a number crunching task that needed doing regularly it was commonplace to write a computer program to make the job easy and give a reasonably nice printed output.

If you lacked the computer skills to write it yourself then you got someone else to do it for you. Looking back writing such programs was an interesting sideline to the day day job. Then spreadsheets became available and the market disappeared. Or did it?

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