A website is a collection of computer files held on a server and sent to your web browser in the form of pages. These pages may contain text, images and even small interactive programs.

There is a lot of talk about Web(2.0), (pronounced: Web two point naught), and even Web(3.0). Cutting through the hype, Web(2.0) is about dynamic content driven websites like this one. Such sites are used for on-line banking, shopping, discussion groups, blogs, document stores and much more.

I have no idea what Web(3.0) is, but when I find a good defintion, I'll post it here.

Content Driven Websites

A content driven website is a bit like a bookcase or set of display shelves. There is an overall style and structure which is more or less constant. But content is grouped by broad headings and comes and goes as required. The content may be authored by one person or many. in a well designed content driven website, all the navigation menus and groupings are automatically updated as new content is added, and out of date material archived deeper into the site (but never deleted).


Why should I update my website?

In the mid 1990's websites and surfing were just coming into the popular mind. The forerunner to Tech-Trends, ITB was selling businesses the idea of presenting their goods and services on-line. Today every business accepts the need for a website, but too many businesses put up with website that can only be seen on a desktop computer using Microsoft Internet Explorer. The trouble is that visitors expect to see far more content, they want it up to date, and they want to use their tablet PC or smart-phone to view it.

Website Re-building

Website build icon

A good business website is no-longer a set of static pages maintained by a specialist on your behalf. The modern website is an up-to-date source of information, case studies and contact details and may even be a fully functional shop. Content is managed by you, the user, using a web browser. You may even do basic editing from your smartphone!

About Tech-Trends Ltd

Tech-trends Ltd has been quietly successful in supporting clients requirements for technical support since 2002.

We offer a wide range of technical services and are especially interested in helping small businesses adopt the latest types of on-line ICT (Information and Computer Technology) that they may consider to be just out of reach or too complex to risk without additional support. We have developed particular expertise with the Drupal CMS (Content Management System) which is used to build feature rich websites, where content may be easily edited by non expert users.


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